After the Fact

When you no longer
cross my mind
every second of the day
That’s when you finally
come to me and say
All the things
I prayed for
In that special way
you say, baby I love you
you say, baby I care…

But you were wrong
to think I’d still be here
Waiting on your love,
longing for your touch
I’ve forgotten why
I loved you so much
After the Fact,
you want me back
After the Fact,
you can’t retract
the hurt that I felt
After the Fact

When you no longer
make me happy
only make me cry
When I hear
your voice on the line
inside I want to die
Don’t want to hear
that tired old soliloquy
about how you’re sorry
for what you’ve done
you severed my heart
when you knew
from the start
how I felt about being alone

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