Boycott BS!

I am at the point where I cannot take the bullshit any longer.

The more you live consiously the harder it is to continue to ignore the inadequacies, inefficiency and absolute ignorance floating through our atmosphere.

I am an optimist.  Still, the bullshit brings out a pessimistic side of me that has to die.  I refuse to allow the negative to win.

Lately, I find myself saying to myself and others, “be more selective about the media you and yours consumes.”  When I tell folks I do not watch the news they respond with the question, “how do you know what’s going on in the world?”  The major headlines are unavoidable.  Plus, I love to do this thing, you may have heard of it, though more and more it seems to be a foriegn concept, I read.

I know enough to know there is no way I can allow the run down of all that is evil and violent and wrong with the world be a part of my daily routine.  Funny thing is I have a journalism degree.  It actually makes me hate the news more.  I know how influential powerful strong quality journalism can be, so that is what I seek.

Local news in this country boarders on tabloid too much for my taste.  Between the stories of all that is off balance in the world and the celebrity gossip – which is NOT news – I just cannot do it.

Every now and then I see a story that makes me stop to watch, I wish that were the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

I am training myself to boycott bullshit. #BOYCOTTBS

There is a news network that I will not mention by name. They will not get any free publicity out of me.  This network has no respect for the African American community, zero, zelch, nada, none.  They are often found twisting the truth to fit their underlying, undeniably ugly agenda.

I used to watch a few shows on the network even though I could never stomach what they call news.  Then this network decided, with all of it’s blatent contempt and disgust with the black community to create a show geared toward black people.  That was the final straw for me.  Of couse the show celebrates all that is dysfunctional and many ignorant fools are eating it up as if it is sustenance for their life.

It pisses me off.  So that network is no longer allowed on my TV.  AT ALL, ever, never, I do not care what show is on, we no longer watch that network.


In my anger, contempt and disgust with this poor excuse for a media outlet I had to evaluate the other media I choose to consume.  Cause, that’s what I do, I turn the lense on me so I can see.  In my self evaluation I had to admit that I am a part of the problem.

I love hip hop music.  We were birthed in the same year.  When I hear the right beat I can’t help but to move my feet.  Too often, those great beats are layered with toxic lyrics.  And though, consiously I disagree with much of what they may be saying I keep playing along like it’s okay.  It is not.

Hip hop started as a form of expression against the establishment.  In its rise and subsequent commercialization it has become a mockery of everything it was meant to be, the state of the genre is just crazy.

When someone complains that it is not the same, as I am doing now, usually I would defend it’s honor.  I hate to hear there is no good music out there so I remind my family and friends that good music is everywhere, because that is what I believe.

The problem is we have to look too hard to find it.  It is no longer floating through the airwaves in poignant protest.  When you turn on the radio the good music is what we hear less and less.  We have replaced storytelling with rachetness.

We are not getting the message.

If I hear another ode to a stripper I am sure I could up chuck my breakfast.  I am sick of songs about hoes, tricks and pimps.  How about this, we are a bunch of wimps!!!  Glorifying the least of who we are leads others to believe that is ALL that we are, and we have come too far to let this be our image.

I often complain that we do not understand age appropriate or family friendly.  When I hear songs about things which should be left to the underworld of the streets and the strip clubs blasted at pee-wee football games and other childen’s events I wince in discomfort.  I speak to the person in charge and voice my complaints, cause that bullshit just ain’t right.

So again in setting the boundries for the energy I consume I have added urban/hip hop radio to the list of things I can no longer get with , #BOYCOTTBS.

Anyone who knows me knows this is a big step.  I love music.  Still it is time to get seriously selective.  I am open to music about love, inspiration and social progress but you can miss me with the rest.

When I write I listen to jazz, letting the instrumintation be my inspiration.  When I am ready for my hip hop fix I turn to my own library which is filled with my definition of good music.

#ILoveThisHagtag feel free to use it #BOYCOTTBS in the name of the good life, good content and good music.  There is great positive energy in this world, let’s ALL resolve to choose it.  We have to get our minds right before we lose it.  Stop being a part of the problem; become a part of the solution.

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