In the world of sports, becoming a starter is a goal of the elite athlete. They work hard, investing many hours and more energy into their goal. Once they attain their goal they work equally and increasingly hard to maintain their starter status.

It is a badge of honor and a position of respect.

Knowing how to get the game started is a great skill.

Leadership and dedication are qualities you must possess to be a starter.

If you don’t start none, won’t be none.

But, that is just the beginning. Most games have four quarters, some even have two halves yet all of them have a beginning, a middle and an end.

The endurance it requires to get pass the middle and make it successfully to the end is the stuff great lives are made of.

That ‘stick-to-it-ive-ness’, as my mother would say, holds the ingredients to the world famous recipe. You would think the recipe was top secret the way some of us hold on to the poor habit of losing steam. Maybe you have never seen like I have seen the reality of that deferred dream.

In the middle, we fight to maintain stamina. We fight to hold steady to our course. We fight voices of negativity, internal and external, which are determined to persist as obstacles. At times we find the strength to silence the stupidity still it will reoccur. We have to hold our stance; keep the dukes up.

We have to have the heart to see life through.

It gets hard sometimes. Still it is possible.

In a game, the time you have is specific and precise. There is no question about when the final buzzer will sound.

In life, we are not afforded that luxury. We don’t know when our clocks will cease to tick. Without the certainty of the length of our life’s time we must refuse to decline into complacency.

We must reaffirm commitments; renew our focus. Ascertain direction then continue moving forward.

If you think being a starter is something special you should study the steering of a successful finisher. The finishers are not chosen by the coach; they are selected by the seconds. The finishers take the last moments and beat the clock with game winning shots and strategies.

There is something inside that is difficult to hide once the final moments draw near. Dead are all whispers of fear. The glory of the goal is near. When we decide we will not be the ones who keep falling apart at the finish line it will change our lives.

We gain strength in every victory. We get to write our own history.

The vision of ascension becomes clear. Hold it dear, for it is divine.

Be a true champion, you are so inclined.


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