I  watched a movie and one of the characters was an obituary writer.  At the end of the movie he wrote an obituary for his friend who was still alive.  It was humorous and insightful because he wrote about the death of his friend’s old ways and life, like that chapter of the friend’s life was dead.  The movie wasn’t that great so it doesn’t matter that I can’t remember the name.

Still, it has me thinking about what my obituary will say.  There is so much more I have to do for it to read the way I want it to read.

Whatever else it says, it better say she played to win and won!

I don’t want it to say she watched a lot a TV and f*ck*d off on social media a lot, talked about a lot of ish but didn’t follow through, blamed everyone for her shortcomings and was not accountable for her own actions (or for people to be rolling their eyes and thinking this when they read the fluff people write to enhance the narrative of a shitty life).

There is a responsibility that comes with living a full life that you can be proud of and it is not easy or simple.  You have to be willing to push through the tough moments and get REAL real REAL with yourself.

You have to know how to self reflect without sugar coating.  It is hard to admit to yourself that you are falling short of your own expectations.  However, without doing this it is even harder to move forward in life.

We have to accept where we stand, decide where we are going and take action towards making it happen.  We want to make this rocket science but it is not.  Challenging it is; life is challenging, growth is challenging.

The question is, “are we up for the challenge?”

I am.  God made a faithful strong woman in me.  When confronted for my relentless optimism I respond with more.  If you chose to ignore the bright side, the silver lining, that is your CHOICE.

Newsflash:  my life is and has not always be perfect.  Show me someone who says theirs is perfect and you will be showing a liar.

There are trials and tribulations in life.  Real pain.  Real issues.  Real HORRIBLE decisions being made with REAL consequences.

If you are stuck in a place where you cannot accept the real, it is a fact, that you will not heal.

People get very angry when you tell them get over things but people need to learn how to get over things.  Consider the meaning the words in that phrase, get OVER it.  GET over it.  Get over IT.

If you say this to someone as they are trying to “figure it out” they will explode.  “Who are you to tell me to get over it?”  Most of the time, it is someone who seriously loves you who is telling you to get over it.  They want you to get passed the things that are holding you back.  They may not always say it in the best way (in fact, many people do a horrific job of trying to encourage and end up discouraging but that’s another post) but they often have the best of intentions.  The same energy it takes to tell the next person to get over it is the energy you have to apply to yourself to tell yourself to get over it.  You can encourage yourself to move forward without having to deny the reality of your trials and tribulations.  Process the mistakes, find the lesson in them and then keep pushing for more.

The time we have is precious.  Use your time wisely and well.



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