We have many reasons to celebrate life. Even if sometimes we need to be reminded of that gift, it is there for the taking if we are willing to embrace our attitudes of gratitude. Independence Day in the United States Read more ›


Emmett Still


The other day, I watched the press conference with Rev Al Sharpton and the parents of Trayvon Martin, after watching the press conference of Angela Cory, the special prosecutor assigned to the case.  Rev Al said a few times that Read more ›

Everyday I learn…


Some days I learn so much it makes my head ache.  Processing the world we live in is enough to drive you crazy, quite literally.  Thankfully, I blessed with an incredible instrument. This vessel the Most High has gifted me Read more ›

Full Motion


I get so excited when the seasons change.  I supposed it comes from growing up in New England.  Each season is so distinctive in the Northeastern US.  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall ~ I am learning to appreciate them all.  It Read more ›

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