Winning feels good.

There are few things comparable to the satisfaction of success.

Stating your goals and then accomplishing them, well, feels amazing.

Winning requires accountability and discipline and immeasurable faith.

Yet we still find ourselves allowing fear to pull us from our highest destinies.

We fear the discomfort. When you change yourself, when you better yourself the process is often uncomfortable.

We must endure circumstances and situations that push us far outside the boundaries we once knew, we reshape our reach.

And then we have to grasp the new normal of the next level. Gaining greatness takes a giant amount of emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual strength.

Still, it is possible.  It is.  Possible.  It can be done.  If you have been given a gift, a talent, a skill, a calling then you must answer with grace and resilience.  You must win.

You have everything you need to succeed.  You are capable, you are competent, you are deserving, you are worthy.  Nothing can stop you.  Be relentlessly brave.  Never give up.

Note to self.

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