I like the way people are using the word adult as a verb these day; I agree it is an action word.

Add ~ing to it and it’s a thing:

But, I don’t like this definition.  It makes me think of debt.  Is that all there is to adulting?

Still, I get the want to escape it. 

Being a RESPONSE-ABLE adult takes constant mental renewal.

Pep talks and motivational stories, high fives and hugs, music and made it moments keep us floating by…

Who knew we needed a ‘why’ just to stay alive?

I have been an adult longer than I was a minor plus a few years.  Yet, I still shed tears trying to keep things clear.

It’s not just the bills and the debts that can start to feel overwhelming.  It helps to count your blessings.

For me, the question of why I have yet to reach the potential I believe I am filled with, to the fullest haunts me.

Why do the cycles of stuck continue to persist?  I try to escape it physically, I work out and get in shape only to fall off again.

I have broken so many promises to stay steady in the game; I break promises I make to myself.  That cannot be good for my health.

The consistency and it’s subsequent results ebb and flow in and out of arms reach with the yo-yo of my efforts.

I try to escape it spiritually.  I visit houses of God but never claim a home.  And so my heart still roams.

I can analyze the issues and identify the problems, so tell me why it feels so hard to solve them?

And why do we fight so hard against what is ultimately best for us?

Working out makes you feel and look amazing!  What do we do?  Avoid it.

Eating well makes you feel good and look amazing!  What do we do?  Avoid it.

Practicing, consistently, we are taught, makes perfect!  What do we do? Avoid it!

Avoiding the input guarantees there will be no output.  We know better.  We cannot procrastinate forever!

How do we get and keep it together?

First things first, 1.  never let go of the faith that you can be better.

Second the motion, 2. keep it moving, take action.

Third on base, 3. don’t fall off, you’re almost home.

Fourth and finally, 4. stop looking back, this game is yours to win.

It feels great; let’s do it again…

#cNakeesha get it right, for life.










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