At the end of the day

My logical mind knows every day will not be as productive as today. Still, this is how I want to feel at the end of the day: accomplished.

I started the day knocking out a great work out, in the fresh air and sunlight.

Then, I went to a board meeting with the women’s organization I am helping to build, the Sisterhood Circle. Every time I meet with these women I am enlightened and informed; that’s what I call good company.

After that, I went to another meeting and picked up some additional work for the next few months. God knows I appreciate the opportunity to increase my finances.

Then I made myself a late lunch, a delicious entree size garden salad. After the decadent way I indulged through the holidays my body was literally craving fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Doubling up on ginger tea and H20, too.

I also tried to shop for new car insurance, it’s a rigged game. I will remain where I am as long as their rates remain competitive. My quest for a better rate comes from a personal financial audit I have been conducting since last month. All the under used products and services are being cut loose. I don’t work to let my money float away into thin air. I have a whole world to see. Trust me, that ain’t cheap.

And this evening, I have been working on this site. Many improvements will be implemented soon.

Now, as I am ready to rest, hopefully to rise refreshed and ready for a new day, I am grateful for many things. Most importantly, I am thankful that I am still here, at the end of the day.

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