Clear Vision

Clear Vision

Just as each new day is an opportunity to focus on the actions that will propel us forward,  as we move into a new year, it pushes us into another phase of change.  

Everyone is busy goal setting and making resolutions.  We vow to make this year our best year, as we did last year.  However, this year is different.  This year’s number represents growth and clarity on a different level. 

Moving from the teens to the twenties, adds a touch of maturity to both the century and the millennium.  Our time is getting grown, past voting age, almost old enough to drink but still too far from car insurance discounts.  

It’s special too because 2020 represents visual acuity – the sharpness of the sense.  If you have ever had an eye exam, you know that 20/20 vision is the goal, measured by what you can see from 20 feet away. 

Across the internet, memes of Barbara Walters introducing the news program 20/20 were posted as a nod to the year.  They choose to call that show 20/20 because they knew their audience would understand that they meant to concisely report their stories.

Let this year be the year we get straight to the point of it all.  Let’s commit to less talk and more action.  Let’s bring visions to life, clearly.  Let’s see what 2020 has in store.  Whatever we imagine, let’s accomplish all of that and more. 

Happy New Year.  


4 thoughts on “Clear Vision

  1. My dear Keesha !!! How appropriate. This is a wonderful piece. 20/20 vision. WOW. My mind is flooded with good stuff, after reading this. Thank you.

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