I don’t know why I feel the need to start with a disclaimer about how American I am and how much I love my country.  I do love my country.  I am also very, very American.  Yes, I know there are 2 other countries on the continent and also another continent called America.  However, this how we in the United States of America describe our citizenship.  Unfortunately, as a black woman my relationship with the land in which I was born tends to feel like an abusive one.  Like the battered woman who stays despite the beatings, be it physical or verbal, I stay in this land.  I stay and I defend it’s greatness while simultaneously being disgusted by its demons.

When I witness someone who wants to live in this land based on the propaganda propelled at us, which wants us to believe that here all dreams come true, I wince and wonder if they have considered the other sides to the story.

There is great opportunity in this country, just know that in a capitalist financial system EVERYTHING has a COST.  It is a kin to a game of sport.  No matter how much you score on offense, you still have to play strong defense.

At times, you will feel like a target for every scam known to man.  It does not help that I live in Miami, one of the fraud capitals of the country.  Believe me, you can run into everything from multi-level marketing pyramid schemes to tax scams to insurance fraud to real estate rip-offs to credit card catastrophes.  In a country where a whopping 14% (approx. 32 MILLION people) of the population cannot read at a basic level you need to be literate enough to know how to read between the lines of constant complicated legalese.

The technical age has made a mockery of terms and conditions.  With a click we commit to allowing the invasion of our personal privacy and so much more.  NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE, has the time or energy to actually read all those terms and conditions.  They will not make it more simple and spell it out in laymen’s terms because they do not want you to see that you are releasing them from all liability.  Of course, I am putting this generally.

It is no surprise that our court systems are flooded with claims of injustice.  We are one of the most litigious societies in the world.  Regardless of the individual results of our legal battles the environment remains ripe for the ripping off of everyday citizens.

There are those who will prey on your hopefulness and dreams.  Under the guise of a hand up to help out, they will take you for every thing they can get out of you, from your time to your money.

Our entire ‘corrections’ system is set up to sustain labor off the backs of others.  Have you seen the documentary “13TH“?  Yet another Inconvenient Truth we refuse to see consciously.

Do not let your defense down for anything.  The food supply is a lie.  Get too deep on their packaging, lite/low fat or GMO’s and you will certainly die.  The lack of respect for real health care – the preventative kind – should make you cry.

To defy all the set ups, scams and schemes takes championship level strategy.  You cannot go around thinking everyone is there for your best interest.  You will need defense, defense, defense to win this game set up for the fall of the small.

Give it your all.  There will be no right without a fight.








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