I’m Not that Bitch


I’m not that bitch

that has nothing to say

and let’s you have your way

because she’s afraid

you will not stay

I’m not that bitch

and I’ll never be that way

I’m not that bitch that says

you always have to pay

and nags your last nerve

when you are having a bad day

I’m not that bitch who will try

to back you in a corner

and make you be mine

cause I don’t have time

to be chasing nobody

If you can’t see I’m a dime

then you must be blind

and I’ll just have to find

someone who understands

I’m not that bitch

I’m not that bitch

who is docile and meager

and so got damn eager

to please your black ass

she makes career, friends

and family a thing of the past

I’m not that bitch

who has no life

whose only goal

is to be your wife

and is not whole

til you take control

who is silly and sprung

off your nine inch pole

I’m not that bitch

I’m not that bitch

who’ll trap you with

that bullshit line

my period’s late

and think that’s bait

enough to keep you forever

be a little more clever

I’m not that bitch

What I am

is confident,


and self sufficient

down to earth,


and not to mention,

my sense of humor,

of pride and compassion

the kinda “bitch”

that has soul,

not just physical attraction

All this plus intelligence,

but to you that’s irrelevant

cause you’d rather be

with that bitch.

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