It’s the best day of my life.

Got back from California this week.  I was in downtown LA for three days.  It was a nice get away.  Had the chance to see friends and family.  Relaxed. 

LA is growing on me.  It was the third time I have been to the city of Angels.  And this was the best trip yet.

I took a tour around Beverly Hills the last day.  It’s amazing how many celebrities live in close proximity to each other out there.  It felt a little weird though to see how invasive we are to their privacy. 

The homes were extraordinarily beautiful.  The architecture, craftsmanship and  landscaping are all top of the line.  And so many properties are built right on or in a hill (or small mountain).  

I was struck by the home that Michael Jackson passed away in at the young age of fifty.  He didn’t own the home; he was renting it.  The tour guide said someone ran into the mailbox and stole it after his death.  What type of weird craziness is that?  What are they going to do?  Wait until the statue of limitations runs out and try to sell it?  Just seems strange to me.

Had dinner with an uncle and his wife one evening in Pasadena.  For years, when you ask him how he is his reply is always, “It’s the best day of my life.”  I told him I am stealing his signature saying. 

I love the spirit of gratitude that comes with the phrase.  The thankfulness in knowing how bless you are in each day.  It was the best day it could be yesterday, it is the best day it can be today.  And Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, if we make it to tomorrow it will be the best day it can be.  Everyday, is the best day of my life.  

I want to give a special belated birthday shout out to my MaDear – we called her Mother Dear, pronouncing every syllable or she would start telling you to open you mouth and speak.  She was serious about that New England Yankee proper American English.  She passed at 88 years ago and would be pushing a hundred at this point.  She was filled with knowledge and encouragement.  I miss her many quotes and sayings but she lives on through them and her many lessons.  She was always praying for our blessings and protection.  May she rest in eternal peace.  

And may God’s blessings and protections continue to cover us.  

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