Jackpot Politics

Jackpot Politics

Ever start telling someone who plays the lottery their odds of losing? Spitting out made up ratios about how only one in a million gazillion win.

Americans approach politics with the same sensibility of a lotto player. Maybe there is a million in a gazillion chance that one day they may be filthy stanky rich so they must protect the interests of the billionaires now.

Yo. There are about 600 billionaires in this country, according to google. And according to census gestimates there are 330 MILLION people in this country. Everyday folks cannot worry about what will benefit a small group of people who gives no [email protected] about the majority of us. They don’t care about us. Why do you protect them so?

We need to recognize that the corporate hustlers are getting all the money while we struggling to eat. The system is not set up for us to compete.

Vote for who you want to vote for, just be involved. What we know for sure is that if we leave it in the hands of those whose main interest is deep pockets the masses will be run over like an eighteen wheeler crushing a squirrel.

Play your number, too. Just don’t play jackpot politics. Don’t vote based on your dream of being the greatest CEO ever. Vote based on your real financial and social circumstance and what will help those in the same boat as you. If we are honest with ourselves most of us would have to admit that some major changes have to take place in the way of business in our country. It a dream for some and a nightmare for many. If democracy really works than the many can make their needs be met. You wanna bet.

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