Laying here watching the airplanes from LAX. I don’t want rise from the bed to see if they are ascending or decending. From this perspective it could be either direction. Feeling cozy. Tripping off of the mountianous California terrain.

I drove north from San Diego at about 5 yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful watching the sun set with the Pacific Ocean to my left and the cliffs to my right. This place is filled with hills and valleys. The timing of the drive allowed me to take in the view without too much traffic.

I am trying to decide which movie studio to visit tomorrow or Tuesday and also which touristy things will I fit in before I go home.

I wanted to have the energy to get out and dance last night but I slept instead and enjoyed the rest. I went bar hopping with my folk in San Diego Friday night; it’s fun to people watch. San Diego County has a super laid back vibe. Like at any given moment they could decide to go hiking or biking or kayaking or surfing, real outdoorsy. Lovely bays…

The planes are landing, I saw the gear released on one.

On with the day.

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