Live In Peace

I can’t even pretend I understand international politics. I can’t say I know enough about local politics. I certainly do not possess national political knowledge.

I am a citizen in the country where I was born. I had no control over the when, the why or the where.

I don’t hate people based on their country. And I don’t want people to hate us based on our country.

But, I do understand that government contols the the currency flow, around the world. Where there is big money, there are big problems.

I knew when I saw the news report about the air strikes overseas that our President had gone too far.

One, it’s easy to see that he is grasping at straws, using old tired tactics to get a rise out of ignorant fools who blindly follow the greed with him. Starting a war to win reelection has been done before. It doesn’t have to work this time. We know better; we have to do better.

Two, it’s not fair for people who didn’t make these decisions to loose there lives for an agenda they didn’t create.

I know words won’t stop wars but I still have to say I pray we find a way to live in peace, here, there, the United States of America, the Middle East, everywhere.

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