My Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Back in 2015, I went to Washington DC for the anniversary of the Million Man March.  I traveled with an organization called “The Circle of Brotherhood”.  You can read details of that experience here

As I stated in that post, seeds were planted.  And now seedlings are blossoming.  Sister Schardescia, who was also on that bus, spearheaded the effort to make “The Sisterhood Circle” a reality.  We had our first meeting in September of last year.  We had our first orientation on Saturday.

Today, in honor of MLK Day we, the Sisterhood Circle and the Circle of Brotherhood took over the courts and greens of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.  The brothers marched in the parade.  By the time they reached the park, which was at the end of the parade route, we – the sisters – had put out materials for many great games. 

Jump ropes – singles and doubles.  One of the elders, 75 years young, taught the younger ladies how it’s done.  Twirl and jump lessons.  It was heartwarming to see.

Tug of War – this was a big hit.  A news crew filmed it.  They had the boys against the girls.  They both got wins. 

Potato sacks, skip ball, and hula hoops.  We used mini bean bags to play hula blocker and everyone young and old swirled the hula a time or two.

We also had a table of Mancala boards set up so we could exercise our minds.  The lady I played beat me by a long shot.  

It was fun and peaceful and the weather was beautiful.  The food – from the food trucks and stands lining a street along the park – was good.  The people were friendly and full of laughter and positive vibes. 

The Miami-Dade Police were present.  A few of them took turns jumping rope.  Singles, not double, if I remember correctly.  The Brotherhood works with them regularly.

We handed out emoji themed give-aways.  

There was face painting and a bounce house.

Hot 105 was set up on the sound stage.  I have to say, I have been listening to them over the last few days.  They have been playing Dr. King’s speeches over classic music and I am impressed by the formula.  They played “I Have a Dream” over Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy, Me” and it gave me goosebumps.  I had to fight back my tears.  Including, that type of inspirational and positive content into their programming is pivotal for the shift we need away from the image we are now stuck in.

FarmShare was there giving out back packs full of snacks and bags full of groceries.  

There were many other things going on, these are just my observations of what was in close proximity.  I think Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation was responsible for a snack center for the children which included a presentation on nutrition.  

It was chilly at the start of the day.  But, playing all those games and standing in the sunshine warmed us plenty.  

Our presence is undeniable.  I am so honored to be a part of such progress in our community.  

God rest your soul Dr. King.  Happy Birthday to you.  

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