Saturday Love

Saturday Love

My hair is amazing, especially when I give it Saturday love. It’s my regular wash day when I’m in the rhythm of my routines.

A re-twist from a week or so ago took over most of this Saturday . But, it’s okay because the style should last me through the week, longer if I baby it a bit. The twists work well in tropical environments.

Step one is to get clean, then condition. Next, I pile it on top of my head in a bun that I wring out as I secure it. I wrap it with a towel for a few just to stop any excessive drip.

When I let it down, I separate it in half and moisturize each side. Then, I separate it into quarters. I always quarter it because I joke that I have four heads of hair cause for real I do. Plus, this step is imperative for manageability.

I used Luster’s Pink Oil to moisturize this time. It’s an old faithful. I use their spray glosser, too. It’s a favorite.

I used Garner Fructis Sleek and Shine for anti-frizz. I couple of squirts on each quarter.

I start in the back and work my way to the front. The part I can’t see is the hardest part so that’s where I start.

You have to be careful with twists. They can get tangled and quickly turn from twists to locks. That matted mess you see is not new growth, except maybe a couple of centimeters. It’s from where the root came a loose and the twist started to merge into each other. I had to take this entire area down and redo them instead of one by one like I was able to do in other parts of my head. By the time I was three fourths through I was ready to go to bed, but I pressed on to finish my last quarter, I mean head.

You know I was beyond thankful when I finally finished. It’s a chore you have to love. The results are usually well worth the work.

We have to give it love on Sunday, Monday … Tuesday, Wednesday … Thursday, Friday and on Saturday love.

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