King Charlz hits hard with the release of his debut EP, entitled “Still Searching.”  

I met him for the first time when my friend from around the way invited me to one of his studio sessions.  

Of course, I love the name.  I am Ms. Charles after all.  

Still Searching features eight songs and twenty-five minutes of sexy reggae grooves released by Valholla Entertainment.

I went to see King Charlz live at a reggae festival at Young Circle in Hollywood, FL, over the summer.  He is super high energy and he knows how to move.  He uses his crooner charm to work the crowd well.

The title track to this project, Still Searching, available on any digital platform you like, is a sweet ode to a love he has yet to find.   

Most of his music is about love and lovin’.  ‘Question’, ‘By My Side’, ‘Love You So’, ‘Spend the Night’ and ‘I Don’t Mind’ all follow the theme of looking for love.  While the uptempo track, ‘Move On’, is about letting go of love lost.

My favorite song so far is ‘Juice‘, it’s about love too, but I particularly enjoy the way he uplifts the power and the pull of a royal woman.  Regal reggae.

Purchase it and stream it again and again.  And go, I said GO, GO SEE THE SHOW!!!