The First

The First

This year has been an extraordinary challenge for many people around the world. We have experienced tremendous personal and collective loss. Our existence has been shifted. Industries have crumbled, unemployment is rampant and hopelessness could be an easy hole fall into if we don’t watch our step.

For the first time in our lives we are experiencing a limit on our gatherings. Venues and events that are equipped to hold thousands sit empty and unattended for fear of rapid spread of a deadly virus. It’s the stuff good conspiracy movies are made of, but it’s our current reality.

Navigating our new normal is proving to be an uncomfortable task. And if you are like me, you started the year thinking it was a time for renewal and growth, you were optimistic that this would be your year to break boundaries, to see more clearly. January and February were no cake walk but when March came, all the shit hit all the fans.

We were forced to be home and the only thing open was the grocery stores. No restaurants, no bars, no clubs, no sports, no gatherings of any kind. It’s not what we are used to and even for me, someone who generally enjoys being a home body, there were times when I thought I would lose my mind. It forced me to appreciate the importance of human interaction.

As the restrictions were finally lifted, interacting remained challenging. Some are in fierce rebellion towards wearing a mask but I have to ask is it really that serious? The masks bring me a slim feeling of protection, though some would argue it to be false, it comforts me to know I am doing the best I can to protect myself . It is all there is at times.

Although this is the first time we have experienced anything like this I am here to argue that it’s the first but it is not the worst. It’s not the worst we have ever seen and it is not the worst thing happening in the world today. Do I have to get specific about poverty, slavery, refugee and war? This is all someone’s current reality. Right now in this moment.

If you listen to mainsteam media in the United States you might say it’s the worst because it’s their focus. But, that is how they report on everything. They cling to the most negative, the most dramatic, the most sensational parts of the story. Every blue moon, they will throw a bite of good in the broadcast but it’s never enough positive to feed anyones soul.

Unfortunetely, many people cling to the negativity. I have to consciously redirect myself and I have been practicing positive perception for years. Faith helps. Surrounding yourself with others who are focused on the same purpose and intention helps. Counting your blessings helps.

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