I discovered the most elegant grit dish I ever tasted while visiting downtown Los Angeles last month during Grammy weekend.  Tucked inside the Standard Hotel, behind the lobby, sits the cutest, coziest, most colorful restaurant and bar you have ever seen.

Dubbed “the Yellow Room” or “24/7′ (an ode to their operating hours) by patrons, the Standard Hotel restaurant boasts many characteristics that make it a must see (and taste!) destination.

The entire room is decorated yellow.  I swear I didn’t know this when I packed that yellow dress.  It feels like you’re surrounded by sunshine! 

Selfie at 24/7
Day 1 – Legs for days…

If you know me, you know I love grits.  I get it from my daddy.  We are proud corn fed folk.  Corn bread, grits, fritters and oh my oh my, my paternal grandmother made a dish called fried corn that would make you turn on your own mama.

Being the adventurous eater I am, I was excited to see the polenta dish -Anson Mills Polenta- on the menu.  Also, I am a huge fan of mushrooms and a good medium fried egg.  If I were at home I would have licked the plate.  Instead I took my knife and fork and scooped up every bit of sauce and yolk and yummy goodness I could get.  The crunch on the outside of the polenta in conjunction with the creamy, silky inside is nothing short of perfection.  

A memorable presentation and experience. I can still taste it.

When I find a good thing, I like to go back for more.  Unfortunately, when I returned it was at a time when they were not serving their grit greatness.

I was not disappointed in the other options available.  I had the steak and eggs, it was perfectly cooked and the potatoes had that crunchy, creamy combination going on, too.

Extremely excellent
“If I hit it two times, then I like her…”

Oh, I cannot forget about the ginger lemonade!  I am serious about ginger, I drink the tea and cook with it regularly.  Ginger has endless health benefits.  It was well balanced yet potent enough to have a nice ginger spice to it.  Next, time I may have to spike it!

Yes, whenever I am in LA, I have to go back to the Standard Hotel Yellow Room 24/7.

I need to check and see if the Standard, here on Miami Beach, has their polenta greatness on the menu.  I might not need to know about it cause I could eat it everyday!  My core is not ready for all those luscious calories…