Tomatoe Tomato

Tomatoe Tomato

The more of the world I see the more I wonder how the practices of the United States came to be. We have our own unique way of doing near about everything.

We drive on a different side of the road than many countries. We measure distance in miles as opposed to kilometers. Most of the world uses the metric system but we have our own things. While everyone else is measuring liquid in liters we have gallons.

Of course, money and time changes around the world but we also have a different measurement for temperature. Most other places use Celsius, we are on Farenheit.

If your ever have been or plan to be anywhere outside the U.S. be prepared to be in a constant state of conversion. Forget the saying tomatoe, tomato. They say tomatoe we cumcumber.

It’s like we are determined to have our own thing. In some ways I respect that, because I certainly understand how it feels to move to the beat of your own drum. But, now I am curious to know how all of these difference manifested in our society. My first thought is it must be about the money, because everything is for us.

I’ll keep you posted.

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