Who are we?

I love music. Good, good music. And I grew up on REAL hip hop, jazz and R&B. The music that is popular with black Americans is nothing short of disgusting. I have said it and I will say it again. Our music (what’s popular online and what’s in rotation on the radio airwaves) is in a state of emergency. If someone from outside our community was exposed to only what is popular today, they would have to come to the conclusion that we are all strippers, hoes, pimps and tricks.

It is overwhelming the amount of pimp/whore culture music being made -and exposed to the masses- today.

And why is it that the only women who are breaking into the rap game are former strippers, willing to show the inside crack of their twat!?

Where are the Queen Latifa’s, Roxanne Shante’s, Miss Melody’s of the world? Even Salt and Peppa, whose songs where very sexual, where not so overtly scuz bucket.

Correct me if I am wrong but I know this type of gutta music has always existed (have you heard the blues) but I feel like those in my era were protected from it. There was a such thing as radio edits and clean versions of songs when we were coming up. And we listened to political, social and romantic music so we had something to balance out the risque things that slipped through. Nowadays, everything is one note – males making music about how much money they have to waste on women willing to be bought and all the crap that impresses those types/ females making music about how nasty and ridiculous they would be to get a spot on the auction block.

I don’t know how to fix it but I am grateful beyond measure to have had so much exposure to other things. With technology the way it is, fortunately, we are able to chose – to program our own music – through downloads and playlists. Hopefully, more people will choose different messages to let into their minds. It’s like the endless negative news cycle, we have to know when to turn it off and tune it out.

If you listen to “urban” music, whether you are black or not, please know that this is not a defining sentiment for all of who we are in this country or the world. There is so much more to who we are as a people.

#ICU #BlackExcellence #cNakeesha

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