Lately, I have been getting lots of interesting invitations.  This is definitely one I am thankful to have accepted.  It was actually the Circle of Brotherhood (the inspiration to our women’s organization, the Sisterhood Circle) who was invited by the director, Sam Bathrick, to come to the screening of “16Bars” the film, during Miami Dade College’s film festival, which runs until March 10th, 2019, at various locations in and around Miami.

Can’t resist a red carpet pic…

It’s a documentary style feature which gives four personal perspectives of men incarcerated in the Virginia corrections system, which at the time had a recording studio available to inmates eligible for their special program.

Over the course of the film, the men’s lives are told through their own words, the camera lenses, their family’s perspective and through the sight of the system.  

Speech, member of Arrested Development, met and worked with the members of the program to record original pieces.

I don’t want to tell the movie so I will simply say, it’s going to pull on your heart strings.  If you have known, which many of us have, anyone who has had their life impacted by imprisonment, it will bring up many issues associated with this crisis.  It is not only the person in jail whose life is altered.  Like many informative documentaries, it creates more questions than answers.

The world is smaller than any of can imagine.  Just before the movie, the Circle of Brotherhood found out through discussion that one of the main participants of the movie was a man they had offered shelter to during hurricane Irma in 2017.

Listening the details, of the ‘coincidental’ meetings, only confirms God’s Almighty Omnipresent existence covering our lives.  

If you have seen the documentary “13th“, directed by Ava DuVernay, then this documentary will give you a very personal expression of the the real world experiences influenced by the policies in place to keep people down.

Check out the trailer at the link above, and follow Speech’s twitter for updates on when the audio will be released.  

Find the time to expand your mind. #ICU #MIAMIFF