Nasir Jones, one love, the world is yours!!!

Every chance I get I am playing your performance of Illmatic at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Fittingly, the show appears on the PBS show Great Performances.  Amazingly inspiring.  I have nothing but good things to say about it.

I will be looking for a CD version so I can play it in my ride on my Bose system at FULL blast.

Your voice with the springs and the drums and the horns and the ding of the xylophone!  Magnificent.

Almost caught a tear drop the first time I watched.  Simply splendid.

Y’all did that.  #ICU doin the damn thing, get it King.

What a way to follow up the #POWERNOMICS tour!  I will say it again.  The world is yours.

We caught the show at the Bayfront Park Amphitheater.

I love the way you and Ms. Hill graciously shared the stage backed up by the band.

Not only did she show up, she showed out.

Represent N. A. S.

It’s only halftime….