Took a journey to my hometown last month to visit with relatives and show my man where I was born and raised.

We arrived the night before my mother’s birthday with intentions on waking early and taking her to breakfast.

We slept late and she was busy planning world peace.

We linked up closer to lunch time and enjoyed a nice country ride through hills of Pioneer Valley.

We grabbed a bite to eat at Au Bon Pan in the Yankee Candle store and then shopped for our scented selections.

We stopped at a farm stand claiming the sweetest corn and picked up a dozen ears.

The blueberry tart was delicious.

When we arrived back in Springfield we stopped at mom’s place so she could put her birthday flowers in water.

Later we had dinner and watched a movie with family.

The next day we went to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  And yes, it’s a shame I have not been there in forever.

Having company with me made me feel like a tourist.  So I dragged him to the museums as well.

“Oh, the Places We Will Go”

The new Seuss museum is super super swell.

On day three we went to see the big city.

Of course, it took us an extra hour due to traffic.

We checked into the hotel and took a nap.

Yes, I was tired after all of that flying and driving and touristy things.

We woke up and took a walk to Times Square.  We shopped for souvenirs and stuff.

We tried to convince ourselves to go on one of the double decker bus tours but neither of us was willing to get back in a vehicle again at that point.

So we went for pizza.  I don’t remember the name of the place but it was good.

Another nap and all of that…

I made reservations at the 40/40 Club because I thought it was a restaurant.

When we showed up, they seated us in a lounge area.  This is when it started to dawn on me that this is not a restaurant.

They did not have a list to check for my reservation.  The waitress was sweet but not very knowledgeable about service.

Before I tell you why I was so underwhelmed by the experience I will state the good.

We happened to be there on the night when Damion Marley was having his listening party for his latest album.

The music was good.  I could have danced all night.  I like reggae music.

But, the food was lackluster.  We ordered an appetizer but had so much difficulty trying to eat it from the kid size lounge tables we decided against ordering an entrée.

Plus, the appetizer was nothing worth remembering; any hole in the wall sports bar could have done better.

The idea of a lounge is cute I guess but I am over six feet tall with my heels on, that low level seating don’t work for me.

After we ordered a second round of drinks and they came out tasting totally different than the first round we were done trying the spirits too.

They have this extensive list of specialty drinks.  Everyone making drinks should make them similarly.

Honestly, the staff and the experience felt very amateur.   My expectations were much higher.

It was way too hot in there, like the air conditioning was broken.  Maybe they can use that for the excuse as to why everyone was standing around like zombies, not dancing.

This wanna-be bourgeois idiocy is bothering me.  I had the same experience a few months back.

Is this what we have come to?  This is how yall party now?  Standing there looking at each other?

NOT EVEN A DAMN TWO STEP!!!  What the heck!?!

It’s just lame.  Yall can do what you want but I don’t get cute to stay that way.

That’s What’s Up!
Empire State of Mind

I get cute to sweat my hair out to three times the size and forget to wipe my make up off before bed because I am so exhausted from getting it on the floor!

For real, for real, going out now a days is a bore!

I still got my dance on for a few songs, as long as I could stand the heat.

We left, walked around, stopped for another drink and took pictures until we were ready to call it a night.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and coffee then got on the road to home.

I am so glad the GPS took us down the Hudson Parkway to the Hutchinson Parkway, CT 15N to 91North, it was so much more scenic than the way we drove into Manhattan.

On Saturday my mother’s side of the family gathered for a barbeque.  I stayed still for the day so I could see my maternal aunties, uncles and cousins.

That evening we went by a friend’s place from my high school crew.  We talked and drank and played catch up until the early hours of the morning.

The next morning I woke up hungry like I was lost in the desert for days.  My dad took us to his favorite diner for breakfast.  It was perfect for soaking up all the cocktails from the week.

After that we had the ‘itis’ so we took another nap.

It was the day before our journey would end and one of my father’s sisters cooked Sunday dinner.  Chilled in her lively living room so my paternal folks could pay a visit.

All in all it was a very good trip.  And I will admit, I miss it.  I miss the fellowship.  I miss the family.  I miss the friends.  So now we’re getting back at it so we can do it all over again.

Hopefully, next time we can stay longer.  And hopefully, we will continue to get so many visitors.  I love to see yall traveling, too.  The world is our oyster.  Bon Voyage!




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