In Another Moment

In another moment

I learned to forgive

In another moment

I knew I’d always be his

In another moment

God taught me understanding

In another moment

I was reaching my hand in

In another moment

He was reaching right back

In another moment

I saw that was all that it took

In another moment

I had to take a good look

In another moment

I was engaged by what was revealed

In another moment

I was consumed by the power to heal

In another moment

Clarity cut through like a knife

In another moment

I choose happiness for my life.


In That Moment of Silence

In that moment of silence

In the time that it took

for things to be seen

In that moment of silence

you shattered all

our hopes & our dreams

In that moment of silence

you broke my heart

beyond repair

In that moment of silence

I was left wondering

how such love could

cause such despair

In that moment of silence

I lost a piece of me

In that moment of silence

I left reality

In that moment of silence

I heard more than I ever needed to hear

In that moment of silence

you validated every last one of my fears

In that moment of silence

I forgot how to trust

In that moment of silence

I was disgusted with lust

In that moment of silence

I could not pretend

In that moment of silence

I lost my lover and my friend.


After the Fact

When you no longer
cross my mind
every second of the day
That’s when you finally
come to me and say
All the things
I prayed for
In that special way
you say, baby I love you
you say, baby I care…

But you were wrong
to think I’d still be here
Waiting on your love,
longing for your touch
I’ve forgotten why
I loved you so much
After the Fact,
you want me back
After the Fact,
you can’t retract
the hurt that I felt
After the Fact

When you no longer
make me happy
only make me cry
When I hear
your voice on the line
inside I want to die
Don’t want to hear
that tired old soliloquy
about how you’re sorry
for what you’ve done
you severed my heart
when you knew
from the start
how I felt about being alone


Tropical Storming

There is nothing I can do
to change the weather
so I am choosing not to complain
and instead accept the rain…
it’s tropical storming, again,
as it did all last night
when I just might have fallen
into another dimension…
I was sleep so deeply.
Got drenched from head to toe
a couple hours ago,
still I am going to keep on
going with the flow…


I’m coming…

Have you ever felt that twinkle

from your toes to your nose

that rolled behind your eyes

and put a pulse in your thighs

and when this feeling arose

you felt so high

you thought you’d die

or maybe cry

so you let out a sigh

of pure ecstasy

and complete submission

so stop and listen

as my heart stops

and my knees lock

cause he hit my spot

please don’t stop

when his strokes get swifter

he hears me whisper

oh God, I’m coming!

An Angel On My Right

Last night I had a dream.

There was an angel on my right shoulder and a devil on my left.
They were arguing, about what I don’t know, who was the best, I guess.

Then the angel shouted, ” I got something for you!” She let out a whistle and two angles joined her sides. Then the angel crew did what angels do, they beat up the devil and threw him down to my shoe. I stepped on the little demon and twisted my foot. It crunched like a cockroach and then turned to soot.

Then the angel from the right went back to her place. One of the other angels took the devil’s old space. The last angel found a a spot on the nape of my neck, pulled out a bow and arrow and said, “I got this watch, who got next?”

And then I opened my eyes….

Plane Ride Mass to Miami 06/29/2014

Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

They are asking that million dollar question, again:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be Wonder Woman; be all that I can be…

Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me.

Or am I going insane riding in that invisible plane?

Maybe I’ll grace the big screen like Pam Grier…

So you can hear music in the background ~

Whenever I’m near, times ticking, act now.

Melodies and beauty, can I ever know, truly?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to rise above. Can I break the cycle?

Gotta choose to do the right thing for me.

Cause they gotta see something different.

Accept nothing less than self-sufficient.

Better listen to the words of the elders.

The pain of their mistakes breaks my heart. Torn~

Apart trying to answer that million dollar question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Dear Lord.