The title of this work is interesting because unless you have been under a rock since the 80’s this man needs no introduction. He has spent the bulk of his career as a lead singer of the band Mint Condition (my favorite since their start). He has collaborated with the greats. And now with the 2017 release of his first independent album entitled, “Introducing Stokley“, he wants us to see him as a solo artist.

His voice and style are so distinctive you can feel the familiarity from his influence with the band. Channeling that same distinctiveness he made this 15 song LP his own.

The first two singles have gotten some radio play and internet buzz. I came across the song “Level” by following Stokley’s twitter feed and “Organic” (GREAT VIDEO) found it’s way into rotation on my local adult contemporary station.

I like “Level” because it speaks to the journey many of us who continue to progress in life take.  The older you get, the more you see in life, the more you become selective about with whom you spend your time.  It applies to the business you do, friends, family and especially to romantic partners.  I feel blessed and highly favored to have a core set of life long friends I know I can depend on if needed.  Cause like Drake says, “No new friends!” LOL, nah, I would be open to QUALITY new friends.  In reality, folks with a higher caliber of character are few and far between.  Like a needle in a haystack…

“Organic” is a great song because it’s an ode to all things natural.  The lyrics on the entire project are exalting and uplifting to women.  He is confident enough to put women on the pedestal upon which we should be placed.  There is a chivalrous essence to his work that I have always adored.  “Think About U”, “Art In Motion” featuring Robert Glasper and “Way Up” featuring Wale all stay true to that this perspective.  The song “Forecast” compares the ups and downs in love to the storms of nature.

“Cross the Line”, “Hold My Breath” (uptempo) and “Now” (slow jam) approach the ladies from more seductive stand points.  All great songs but I now have “Now” on repeat.  I am feeling it.  Now.

Mixed among the R&B slow jams there are some uptempo tracks to get your body moving.  “U & I” featuring Estelle, “Be With U”, “We/Me” and “Wheels Up” will make you dance, clap and shake your tambourine.

Who is “Victoria”?  Lucky lady to be the object of such sweet affections.  6:44 Loving the steel drums…

All in all, it’s a project I can listen to from beginning to end with a few songs that get a repeat along the way.

We will see if there will be any performances here in South Florida anytime soon.  He has been tweeting about being in the studio, so hopefully there is more music to come…