Someone got me chocolates as a gift from Cafe Creme last year and they were delicious.  That prompted me to suggest we try it another day when my colleagues and I were  looking for someplace to have lunch.  I tried the turkey sandwich on my first visit.  It was okay so I figured I better try some other things on the menu.

It’s a French cafe, pastries and patio, the whole nine.  The next time I went I had the goat cheese and mushroom quiche, which comes with greens and a small piece of baguette.  It was memorable enough to order again today. 

If you know me, you know that quiche is one of the specialties I cook often.  My expectations for it are very high because I can’t help but measure it against my own creations.  On a different visit, I tried the quiche Lorraine.  I have to give them credit, their quiche is very tasty.  It pairs well with mimosa.

I was checking out their entrees and there are a few things on there I would like to try.  Creature of habit that I am, I tend to order the same thing again once I know it’s good.  I will have to push myself out of that comfort zone because I suspect this menu has some other gems.  As we were leaving, another table’s orders of salads arrived.  They looked amazing.  Definitely need to try one on my next visit.

The croissants are always fresh and flaky.  I have taken a serious liking to the chocolate flavored one.   There are lots of pastry options, many cakes, tarts and other treats.

The Pastry Case!

This is a great place to have coffee and dessert, brunch, lunch or dinner.  It’s cozy enough to relax and chat with company.  I noticed today they have a weekday happy hour from 5-7pm.  The staff is generally nice though they are a bit slow at times.  I don’t think they mean to be neglectful, it’s more like they are happy to have you linger and stay a while longer.  Maybe a little laissez-faire is in the air?