The first time I dined at Stripsteak by Michael Mina at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach my fiance and I were with my brother.  We were attending a birthday party for a friend of my brother’s.  I miss my middle brother, Michael . . . he traded in the mango and palm trees for the mountains of the west side.  He has great taste in restaurants.  When he lived here we frequented many amazing eateries.  That night we dined family style, it was years ago so my memory is a bit vague.  I remember the macaroni and cheese was good.  I noticed they use spiral noodles because that’s what I use when I make mac and cheese for holiday meals.  The bread they serve is delicious and the steak was on point.

My little cousin came into town the first weekend in May, this year, and we stopped into Stripsteak for drinks and appetizers.  We tried the tuna tartare, the salmon carpaccio and some delicious cocktails.  The salmon carpaccio may be the best thing I have ever tasted in life.  I snapped a photo though at the time it looked a little haphazard on the plate.  Then I tasted it.  I tried to get a bit of every element in each bite.  The salmon was so delicate it melted in my mouth.  The salt from the caviar and the cheese set off the by the crunch from the greens was exquisite.  I cleared the plate.  Then woke up the next morning thinking about it.  When I look at the photo the flavor recollection waves over my taste buds.  It all makes sense now.  Incredible.

The best thing I ever ate.

One Sunday in June I went in looking to have the salmon carpaccio again.  I was distraught to find it was no longer on the menu.  When I asked the bartender about it he said they had removed it and suggested I try the salmon toro.  It’s a dish were the salmon is marinated in Malbec with roe, onions, dill, horseradish and toasted pumpernickel mini crouton bites.  It was good and beautifully plated but it was not the other worldly experience of the salmon carpaccio.

Pretty plate.

I was on the go last week so I was feeling kinda burnt out yesterday.  I relaxed most of the day then decided going to my new favorite restaurant would be just the boost I need to start my week off right.  It absolutely did the trick.

Last night I started with the #LiVDrip, a #signaturecocktail at Stripsteak.  Ketel One, citrus, crushed ice in a mule mug.  It was refreshing.

Then I had a wedge salad.  I don’t usually order wedge salad in fine dining places cause it’s usually so basic I can’t justify the cost.  But the description on the menu called to my interest.  Crisp iceberg lettuce, crunchy bacon, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and just enough dressing.  After I chopped it all up I ate every bit.

The bartender was nice enough to snap a few shots of me so I could get a full length photo of a new jumpsuit I am rocking.  I will discuss my current OBSESSION with jumpsuits in another post.  I picked up this colorful vertical striped piece from a vendor at the Overtown Music & Arts Festival on Saturday.

From CJ’s Fashion & Jewelry   ~Brand = Goodtime USA

Then the filet mignon arrived.  With just enough char on the outside and pink throughout the center, it was so tender I could have cut it with a butter knife.  I smashed the two roasted garlic cloves on the plate into the sauce and sliced and dipped and sipped on a excellent glass of California Syrah.  Oh and the soft warm bread!

Cooked to perfection. Medium.

I was full and content by the time I took the last bite.  I have yet to try the dessert at this place.  Last night I simply did not have the room.  I left stuffed with food joy!

This morning I awoke once again with a meal from Stripsteak on my mind.  I wish I could eat here everyday.  They open at 6pm for dinner, by the way.

Go. Try.  Soon.  Thank me later.