Beyonce and Jay-Z released the 9 track EP “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”, their first project released jointly as “The Carters”, on June 16.

The energy is strong and the prevalent themes are  summertime, integrity, belief in self, financial ascension and yes, love, sweet love.

The Carters start it off with a sexy slow seductive song with a throwback feel simply called “SUMMER”.

Next up was my first introduction to EVERYTHING IS LOVE, “APESHIT” was released as a single into radio rotation.  This a party joint.

They talkin cash ish and I ain’t mad at them.  They made it.  It sounds dope in the club.

“BOSS” is boss.  They switch it right back to the chill tempo tracks until the last song, each with lyrics filled with more bravado than the last.

“Ain’t nuthin to it, real one.  Boss. . . my great-great grandchildren already rich.  That’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes list.”  Yes ma’am.  Boss.  A real one.

“NICE” is catchy, “I can do anything…!” “And I’m nice.” You’ll catch yourself singing it to yourself.

They, the Carters, collaborate well together.  It’s a serious showcase of hip-hop.  Beyonce is rapping.  Droppin bars.

We already know Jay-Z is top notch in the rap game.

“713” Shout out to Houston.

“FRIENDS” is an ode to the good ones, “who never let you down, never let you drown.”  “Share.”

“HEARD ABOUT US” they are addressing the public scrutiny of their private lives.  And also living their best life and not tripping about what the world sees or thinks.

“BLACK EFFECT” testimony on the black experience.  I love their confidence.  #BlackExcellence